Living culture means incorporating the elements of its social and urban expression and recreating them ourselves through our creativity. Lisboa Electronica aims to uphold the experience and celebrate the culture of electronic music. From Lisbon to the world, Lisboa Electronica is born from a collective force of creation. Its intrinsic connection to electronic music labels will allow the festival to map out and reveal a wide array of Portuguese and international talent.


This sharing of knowledge and culture will be the festival´s striving force, accomplished by promoting Portuguese and international entities, artists and productions, and presenting a series of conferences and workshops centered around electronic music. Essentially adopting a “showcase” format and serving as an ambassador for electronic music culture, this collective musical act will be segmented by individual performances, so artists can justify why and how they´re participating, while simultaneously carrying their label´s flag.


Lisboa Electronica will also include an important series of conferences dedicated to some of the industry´s most important issues, with the sole intention of sharing knowledge and developing the electronic music industry. Another of the festival´s focal points are the practical aspects of this industry´s activities. From musical production to label management, and other subjects which will find relevance with each edition, various workshops are to take place, allowing the most experienced to share their know-how and skills with the up and coming.


At last, a small market, including all the participating labels and local record shops, will revive some of this culture´s most important aspects: the local scene, proximity between artists and their followers, and a constant exchange of knowledge and information.