Assemble Music Showcase – 6 April . LX Factory

Raresh, Altitude live, Joao Maria

Assemble Music is a Portuguese vinyl-only label that brings together some of the world’s most respected DJs and producers in the electronic scene. Founded in Lisbon in 2011 Assemble seeks to share the fruits of it´s network with listeners and dancers globally, through releases, podcasts and regular label showcases (the Assembling parties). Label´s catalogue include originals and remixes from artists like Studio 1 aka Wolfgang Voigt, Ricardo Villalobos, Vera, Baby Ford, Norken, Hakim Murphy, Vid Vai, St. Joseph, Daze Maxim, Desert Sky aka Edward, Activ-analog, Robin Ordell, Lerosa, Seuil and a lot more.

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[a:rpia:r] / Metereze – (RO)

One of romania’s top electronic ambassadors, Raresh is the kind of DJ that doesn’t ever play the same kind of music. Hundred of parties, his passion for the mixer and his hunger for old and new helped him gain respect from an early age. He’s been involved with like-minded citizens Pedro and Rhadoo for quite a while now, rocking the floors and releasing quality underground grooves on their [a:rpia:r] imprint. As this was not enough, he also has sonic plans involving Praslea in a project simply named Praslesh. And, that’s not all! His Metereze label is set to release the finest house found in these lands and the 3 releases so far prove it. The ever smiling wonder boy is our hero!

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Altitude live

Assemble Music / Blue Recordings / Helena – (CA)

For the last 25 years, Matt Thibideau has been involved in making electronic music. He started off with his Moog Prodigy, a 4 track, and a drum machine. Matt dove into making electronic, industrial music in 1989. Over time Matt’s interest in electronic music grew and he relocated to Toronto where his music career began. He dove into making ambient, minimal and dub techno music after experiencing some of the local underground parties. This lead to several releases on Blue Recordings in the mid to late 90’s. The solo project was titled “Altitude”. This started a chain reaction of working with other local labels such as Chair and Cynosure Recordings. Recently Matt has released both old and new music under the moniker “Altitude” for 7th city (Detroit), Assemble Music and Helena records (Lisbon). The Altitude project will continue to be released on a few international labels for 2018, along with live performances on his analog synths and drum machines. These synthesizers are his inspiration for new sounds, ideas and ways to interact with his fans during live performances.His love for these vintage instruments gets incorporated into all of his projects

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Joao Maria

Assemble Music / Ministerium Records – (PT)

Already 19 years in the game, as a DJ, label and record store founder, Joao Maria made his name a respected one, by setting an example through leading instead of just following, trusting his musical vision and cherishing his independence. The results speak for themselves and prove him right. Besides being a regular fixture in Portuguese clubs like Gare Porto or Ministerium in Lisbon (where he is one of the residents and booker) and festivals like Super Bock Super Rock, Neo-Pop, Forte Festival and Lisboa Electronica, he’s become a frequent flyer to Berlin, by landing gigs at the highly regarded Club Der Visionaere, Hoppetosse, Salon Wilde Renate and playing at one of the hallmarks of the Berlin club scene, Katerholzig, right before it’s closing in 2013. The culmination of this steady ascent comes in the form of guest spots at tINI and The Gang parties.


Not happy with just playing his challenging blend of refined techno and house, he helps bring it out to the music addicts with the aforementioned vinyl-only Assemble Music label, where such minimal techno pioneers as Ricardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, Daze Maxim, Aubrey, Altitude, Activ-Analog, Norken and Wolfgang Voight (as Studio 1) have had releases, along with current movers like Vera, Edward, Hakim Murphy, Lerosa, STL, St. Joseph, Dan Andrei, Seuil, Robin Ordell, Vid Vai, Mike Shannon, Dorian Paic, Barbir, Nicola Kazimir, Martyné & Jacob and Voigtmann. Also, since the beginning of 2017 he has been running Ministerium Records, the club´s vinyl only label based in Lisbon. You don ́t make lasting and steady connections like these by accident. Joao Maria does it by setting the bar and then living up to the expectations.

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