Bloop / Half Baked Showcase – 7 April . LX Factory

Fumiya Tanaka, Greg Brockmann, Magazino, Kaesar, Cruz

Bloop Recordings has 10 years of history related to electronic music in Portugal. Born in 2007, it was called Bloop to underline the fact that she was born in the heart of Loop, a hip hop label in theory, but in fact, an idea born between two friends and enlarged by a third. They all had an enormous passion for music and a healthy disrespect for rules or boundaries. That’s how the label was born, umbilically linked on vinyl and tuned to what was done out of doors through international remixes. In 10 years it sought to be solid and also defiant of the standards. Today Bloop has 21 releases, the latest one by french Ark, one of the pioneers of french house.


Half Baked Records came to life in early 2013 as part of the HBF Agency, representing Half Baked’s loved deep house sunday-afternoon events. The record label was created in order to complete the Half Baked platform in the modern music industry and as an output for the music of the Half Baked residents and international guests. Half Baked Records will be releasing on vinyl only as a symbol of the  passion for underground dance music and the belief in the physical persistency and value of the wax format. The philosophy is as simple as demanding: bringing innovation & playfulness through great producers of the underground scene, releasing their music internationally while operating as a “family”.

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Fumiya Tanaka

Sundance / Perlon  / Ministerium Records – (JP)

Easily Japan’s most talented and knowledgeable techno DJ, Fumiya Tanaka brought the sound of minimal, intense techno to Japan during the early ’90s, and introduced thousands of club-goers to the best Detroit and German producers via his club nights around Osaka and Tokyo. Born in Kyoto, Tanaka listened to and played in punk bands as a teen, then entered the dance scene in 1990 via house, techno, and hip-hop. He began DJing soon after, and formed Japan’s first electronic dance label, Torema Records, in 1993 for his own stripped-down productions.


By 1995, Fumiya Tanaka released his first mix album, I Am Not a DJ, on Torema, which by then had gained major distribution through Sony. Later that year, he set up Untitled Records, who paved the way for more experimental techno via the compilation Abstract Set 1. Soon he was spinning around the world — often in the company of DJ heroes Jeff Mills, Derrick May, and Dave Clarke — and not long after, the European techno cognoscenti realized that Tanaka wasn’t just one of the best DJs in Japan, but around the world. Another DJ album, 1996’s Mix-Up, Vol. 4, prefaced the release of his first production album: 1998’s Unknown Possibility, Vol. 1. Tanaka also worked on production for the debut album from Takkyu Ishino of Japan’s Denki Groove.

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Greg Brockmann

OddMann Recordings / Half Baked Records – (FR)

As a resident at Half Baked, Greg Brockmann has his roots firmly placed in London, but originally hails from the sunnier south of France. Weaving his way through several musical genres within his sets, Greg’s talent is in his diversity. His early years were listening to rock & rap, before an avid interest in techno was born in him. Peppered with expressions of those early days, Greg’s sound has a strong techno feel with heavy basslines, drawing an audience in and captivating their attention.



In 2007 his move to London signalled a huge step up in his career, after collaborations with likeminded artists in East London’s burgeoning electronic music scene at the time. Very soon, Greg was playing all over Europe at places like Concrete (Paris), Club Der Visionaere (Berlin), Pratersauna (Vienna) and parties at Off Sonar/Off Week (Barcelona), ADE festival (Amsterdam).



Once Half Baked came into the scene, Greg began to play there, and as East London’s most loved Sunday party, the crowd is only growing. Alongside Robin Ordell, these two Half Baked residents have played at almost every party thrown by the London collective, bringing their brand of deep techno-tinged house to all corners of East London and internationally. Greg has shared the decks with some of the best in the game – from Craig Richards, Fumiya Tanaka, Cobblestone Jazz to Zip, Vera and DJ Qu amongst many others. For the past few years, Greg has focused on production. His first EP, a collaboration with Tolga Fidan came out on Popcorn Records in November 2014 with another forthcoming on Cosmo this year. A release on Half Baked Records with Robin Ordell is also planned for later in the year, making 2015 the most exciting year yet for Greg.

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Bloop Recordings – (PT)

By the power of adaptation, survival of the fittest or daring persistence, only the most skilled, history remembers . Man born near the sea, therefore cut to subsist, Magazino is present since the bing bang of electronic dance music of the 90s. Accompanied to the rhythm of the four by four built career based on a solid musical knowledge, reinforced by his production and edit work. As an absolute result, he mobilizes public with him and behind is collective and label bloop recordings. Wise and watching closely the evolution of the times, he’s safe harbor for those who dance and an unshakable reference to his peers.

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Bloop Recordings – (PT)

Born in Lisbon in 1981, Kaesar is a Portuguese dj & producer currently working in-house for Bloop Recordings. There is much we could say about him, after all he’s been around the electronic music scene for over 10 years. We could write he’s always been into arts and music, that he is a trend setter, an influencer, played in several countries in and out of Europe, etc etc but if you are into electronic music, you probably already know or have heard of him so lets keep it simple and enjoy the music.


Bloop Recordings – (PT)

His name is well known in the Portuguese scene and that’s why we proudly underline the achievement. Manager of the label, Cruz has been much more than a familiar face in Bloop’s events and launchings. Cruz is now one of the most pressing names in electronic music today, having won a spot on the main venues of the national clubbing scene, from Lisbon up to the north and south. Cultivating a very low profile musical career, his consolidation comes while addressing electronic music like few, creating an unmistakable complicity with vinyl – his best ally and teacher in nearly one decade. Nowadays, sharing cabin with national and international references – he will surely be a figure to pay attention to on the dance floor.

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