Clone Records Showcase – 7 April . LX Factory

Legowelt live, Serge

Long-running techno label with an array of artists that includes Adult, Alden Tyrell, Cosmic Force, Dexter, Drexciya, Duplex, I-f, Jamal Moss, Legowelt, Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, Mike Dunn, Dopplereffekt, Gerd and many more.

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Legowelt live

Clone / Créme / L.I.E.S. – (NL)

There is no one like Legowelt. His vast musical output spans many different worlds – some real, some imagined – and does so in a unique and captivating fashion that keeps listeners enthralled. Since first emerging in the early nineties as a key part of the Dutch West Coast scene and Intergalactic FM family, he has become a core member of that crew who takes inspiration from Detroit and Chicago pioneers but also fantasy films and sci-fi culture, and is nowadays a modern day techno pin-up in his own rite.

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Clone – (NL)

Spinning records in the Lowlands since 1989, Dutchman Serge comes at this game from the point of view of a DJ, rather than producer. When he started out, it was the norm for residents to play all evening in their clubs, spinning a wide array of music from any genre (just so long as it got people dancing) and it is those formative experiences which mark him out as the revered selector he is. If form is temporary and class is permanent, given Serge’s ongoing contribution to the worlds of house, disco, electro and techno with Clone over the last 20 years, he is surely as classy as they come.

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