Flow Records Showcase – 7 April . LX Factory

Cardia, Kokeshi, Berberan

Flow Records is born in the beginning of the millennium. Founded by João Garcia, better known as DJ Pena, one of the greatest ambassadors of Portuguese electronic dance music. The label has several albums, compilations and eps distributed internationally, as collaborations with great national and international artists. Flow Events, which also initiated activity in 2001, is associated to the best underground dance music, innovating venues, with great crowd, all due to the drive of the team in creating something fresh and passionate.

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Flow Records (PT)


Flow Records – (PT)

Is part of the celebrated female dj duo Heartbreakerz and Flow Records. Kokeshi knows all about jam packed, hip-swinging, head-banging dance floors. From London to Oslo she has spread her very own flavour of House music, tastefully cherry picking tunes from Deep through Melodic, up to Tech. Eager to travel and share her energized sets with the rest of the world, Lisbon is her home base and you can find her playing at regular parties and local clubs.

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Francisco Berberan

Flow Records – (PT)

Francisco Berberan is a portuguese deejay who has been blending house and techno in Lisbon and Scandinavia for the past 7 years. His versatile and captivating style behind the decks is a reflex of his constant research for new and timeless music

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