Hayes Collective Showcase

VIL & Temudo, -2 live

6 April – LX Factory

Hayes is an electronic music platform dedicated to Techno and experimental electronics. Based on strong sonic exploitation, it embraces experimentation as a driving force for artistic production devoid of prejudice. The sound objects that come from it have their own imprint, an aesthetic that is marked by the position that it intends to assume. It assembles as an artistic collective, record label, agency and curator, promoting art as a fundamental element of enculturation and critical capacity.

VIL & Temudo

Affekt / Dead Motion / Hayes – (PT)

VIL and Temudo operate in the multiple paths of contemporary techno, drinking influences ranging from metal to doom, ambient to drum and bass. DJ booth and studio friends, their synergy lead them to the Focal EP, edited in the mythical Synewave, to 7 hour musical journeys and to the creation of  the Hayes Collective.

-2 live

Dead Motion / Hayes – (PT)

Ravers and bass music lovers that came out of the dancefloor, -2 translates it’s own view of electronic music into an original aesthetic language. Motivated by the discovery of new sounds, they are not bound by prejudices, appealing to both industrial and organic, converging on a winding journey.