Location & Travel Info

LX Factory

Rua Rodrigues de Faria, 103 Alcântara Lisbon, Portugal


By train

Regular Service: 5h30 am to 2h10 am / 
Linha de Cascais – Alcântara Mar


By bus

12, 24, 52, 56, 60, 713, 714, 720, 727, 732, 738, 751, 773


By tram

15E, 18E


By car

Praça de Espanha > Avenida 24 de Julho > Avenida de Ceuta > Alcântara > Rua Rodrigues de Faria > Parking lot 20 meters from LX Factory (2€ per day)


How can I change my 2 day pass for a bracelet?

The two day passes have to be swapped for a bracelet on the first day of the festival, at the bracelet swap points.


What isn´t allowed into the festival?
  • Dangerous objects (knives and any type of weapons, chains, pointy or sharp belts or bracelets, etc);
  • Bottles, including plastic bottles with tops;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Food;
  • Professional photo and video cameras;
  • Sound recorders;
  • Animals;
  • Helmets;
  • Go Pro and selfie sticks;
  • Glass objects;
  • Any throwable objects;
  • There is an off-site cloakroom close to the ticket office.


Are the tickets already available?

Yes, all tickets are available at the usual sale points and here.


Can I enter and exit the festival with my ticket?

As soon as you swap your ticket for a bracelet, you can enter and exit the festival freely.


I purchased a 2 day ticket but won´t be able to attend one of the days. Can I share my ticket with a friend?

No, the ticket is personal and non-transferable.


When the bracelet is placed on my wrist can I remove it?

No, the bracelet may not be removed. Any visible damage to the bracelet will prevent your entrance. The bracelet works as a ticket at entrance points to facilitate access. Any bracelet found to be stitched, stretched or loose will not be accepted. In case you have any type of allergy or professional occupation that implies removing the bracelet, this should be mentioned and proved with documentation at the ticket office before the bracelet is placed on your wrist. This is compulsory in order to obtain a new bracelet for each day of the festival. You must present the removed bracelet in order to acquire a new one.


I was given a ticket for Lisboa Electronica but it´s registered under the name of the person who purchased it. Will this be a problem?

No, as long as the ticket hasn´t been used to enter the festival you won´t have any problems. The name is only on the ticket for personalization reasons.


I purchased a ticket through one of the online ticket systems announced by Lisboa Electronica. How and where can I pick them up?

This depends on the option you selected during the purchase process. If you´ve chosen mail delivery or pick up at the point of sale, you must contact the ticket dealer directly. If you ´ve chosen to pick up your ticket at the festival, you may do so from 11am to 11pm of the day your ticket is valid for, upon presenting a valid identification document. If you didn´t buy the ticket yourself and want to pick it up, the purchaser must write a statement including a copy of his identification document, and identifying the person who will pick up the ticket.


Is there a ticket office near the venue?

There is a ticket office at the entrance of Lisboa Electronica.


What is the minimum age limit for attendance?

The minimum age limit for attendance is 16 years of age.


After exchanging my 2 day pass for a bracelet, can I throw away my ticket?

No, you can´t. The bracelet is valid to enter and exit the venue but the ticket is the proof of purchase and may be demanded at any time at the entry points.