LEXIN LX-S3 Review

LEXIN LX-S3 Review: What Makes It a Good Choice?

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth enabled motorcycle speaker at a fair price, then the LEXIN LX-S3 will definitely draw your attention.

But then again, you might feel all skeptical about whether this speaker will meet your audio needs and give you an enjoyable listening experience when you take your cruiser or ATV for a long trip off country.

In this Lexin LX-S3 review, we’ll get deep into the performance of this motorcycle speaker, the good and the bad, etc., to help you decide if it’s a worthy investment.

Key features and benefits:

Super-easy to install

One of the biggest benefits of using this speaker system is that you don’t have to spend hours figuring out how to install it on your bicycle.

It’s designed for installation on your motorcycle handlebar and comes with the necessary clamps for easy and fast installation.

The fact that these mounts can fit any handlebars measuring 7/8″ to 1.25” means it can work with just any bike.

It has quite a few connections needed to start using it. You just need to pair your phone and you’re ready to go! Or you can plug in a USB stick and start playing your favorite music!

Wireless listening experience

If you’re tired of the hassle of hooking up wires in your motorcycle audio system, then you’ll definitely love the wireless experience that comes with this pair of motorcycle speakers.

The speaker system comes integrated with Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity which enables you to seamlessly connect it to your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled music player and enjoy wireless streaming of all your favorite tracks.

To be more specific, it features Bluetooth A2DP Wireless Stereo System, allowing you to wirelessly stream high-quality stereo audio of your favorite tracks.

Mark you; the Bluetooth signal is fantastic, so it links up to your iPhone in seconds!

Say goodbye to gambling with wires and welcome the new experience of pairing devices with the press of a button.

Fantastic sound quality

Another cool thing about this motorcycle handlebar speaker system is the high-quality sound it produces.

Once you connect it to your devices and start playing your favorite playlists, you’ll be totally impressed by the clarity and high quality of the audio that comes out of these speakers.

While it might not be the loudest stereo system, this speaker system will be loud enough for you to hear.

However, most users have complained that you might not be able to hear it when riding at high speeds of 50 to 60mph.

And hey! It’s not always that you get a motorcycle speaker that serves you with good quality music without burning holes in your pocket…this speaker is truly exceptional.

Works in ALL weather conditions

Have you ever been caught up in bad weather with your bike and start worrying that your handlebar speakers might stop working?

This is typical of any other biker…after all a speaker getting exposed to rain, snow, and other weather elements can start malfunctioning and possibly turn your investment into a useless piece of junk.

Luckily, this Bluetooth speaker is an exception!

It comes with a waterproof design that enables it to continue functioning properly even in inclement weather.

Quality, long-lasting construction

You’ll also appreciate the effort put by manufacturing into ensuring the overall quality of this speaker system is good.

The speaker is characterized by a heavy-duty metallic housing that helps shield the internal sensitive speaker components from the constant vibration of your bike…or the impact your bike that might arise from riding on rough roads.


When you think of the speakers in the same price range as this Lexin LX-3 that come with plastic housing, you’ll really appreciate Lexin’s effort to make this speaker durable and long-lasting.

What’s more, the metal housing has a polish chrome treatment. This not only prevents rust and corrosion but also pairs with the speaker’s bullet shape to give them a luxurious, eye-grabbing look.


  • Super-easy to install
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great sound quality and clarity
  • Eye-appealing chrome finish


  • Produces limited bass
  • Hard to hear when cruising at high speeds
  • Hard to operate dial with gloves on

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I hook these motorcycle speakers with an amp to make them louder?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to add an amplifier to these speakers.

If you’re not satisfied with the loudness of this Bluetooth motorcycles speaker system, however, you might consider a boost app on your smartphone.

Some riders also recommend running all your tracks through MP GAIN before saving them to a USB stick and playing them with these speakers.

  1. Does the speaker come with an Aux-in jack?

The speaker doesn’t have an AUX jack. It only has USB and Bluetooth connectivity options.

  1. Can I change the handlebar clams to a larger size?

Absolutely! Lexin provides two different sizes of clamps for these speakers, to enable them to fit motorcycle handlebars measuring 7/8-inch to 1 ½-inch.

This makes it easy to install the speaker system on the handlebars of just any bike model.

Our verdict

From our detailed LEXIN LXS3 Review above, we can conclude that this motorcycle speaker system produces good quality sound to make your motorcycle trips more entertaining.

It’s super easy to install and works in all weather. Its Bluetooth connectivity option helps you stream your favorite tracks wirelessly and eliminate the hassle of connecting wires.

The main downside of this speaker is that it might become hard to hear when cruising at high speeds. But having windshield installed on your motorcycle can help solve this issue.

For the price, this is a fairly affordable speaker system for your motorcycle. Its excellent performance and build quality make it worth every cent.