Pandilla Ltd Showcase

Hélio + Diogo + Tiago

6 April . LX Factory

They define themselves as 3 souls seting up a physical body which they describe as a family, represented in a bird that gives them the image, as a symbol of freedom. Keeping themselves in a reserved position of energy but open to a whole, they pretend to mirror and transmit themselves as a frequency without additions of adjectives, just feeling, to which they reflect their innermost “I” in a journey of truth and personal knowledge. Their music is the message to which we can truly feel them, to perceive their true “I”, and to which they have been recognized by the most varied artists over the last few years. Project London, Funhaus, Tvir, Sleep Is Commercial, are just some of the record labels in which they have left their expression and which tends to expand more and more, freely and naturally.

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