Piston Recordings Showcase

Rogério Martins, Johan, Ritz

6 April – LX Factory

Piston Recordings was born in 2007 out of the hands of Rogério Martins, Managing Director, A&R and Artist, to fill the void in Portugal’s independent dance music labels dedicated to young and fresh new talent. Today Piston continues to deliver it’s promise and is always looking out for new and uprising talent who need a solid platform to release their music!

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Rogério Martins

Piston Recordings / KMS Records  – (PT)

Rogério Martins, founder and label manager of Piston Recordings, who has been in the market for more than 8 years, began his career as a DJ / Producer in 1995. Since then he has released numerous singles and EP’s by labels such as Look At You Records, Player Records, KMS Records (Kevin Saunderson’s legendary label), amongst others, as well as Piston Recordings itself. He has remixed and was remixed by artists such as Rick Wade, Kris Wadsworth, Joss Moog, James Dexter, JR From Dallas. 

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Piston Recordings  – (PT)

Johan’s real name is João. João was born in Setúbal in 1982. In the end of the 90’s a whole new generation was starting to form, feeling and experiencing beats techno-flavoured, as well as industrial, hardcore and punk influenced ones from bands like Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Underworld and so on – João is deeply influenced by all this atmosphere and is touched by the work of Plaid, Leftfield and Orbital. He then starts a daily playlist which opened the way for Johan to be born years later. From that playlist, other sounds and mixtures and endless nights in clubs are gathered, creating the necessary confidence boost and musical background for Johan to be born. Binary electronic music, shaped and modeled like a secondary skin. Rhythms with redundancies and syncopes almost at the same time.


Piston Recordings / Hush Recordz – (PT)

Ritz is a Portuguese producer born in Caldas da Rainha who was awaken to electronic music in the mid 90’s, through regular visits to clubs like Climacz and Alcantara-Mar. He likes to produce Deep House, Deep Dub, House and Leftfield House. It was under the pseudonym M0u53 that in 2015 he released several singles and EP’s by Audaz Recordings and Hush Recordz. In 2016 he changed his stage name to Ritz, and since then he has worked with many national and international publishers such as ARTS, Blossom Kollektiv, Hypnotic Room, Open Bar Music, Piston Recordings, Plastic City. He rarely does DJ sets and when he does, it is on special occasions using only his music.

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