Pole Group Showcase

Oscar Mulero, Lewis Fautzi, Tensal

7 April . LX Factory

PoleGroup is a record label and booking agency based in Spain. Founded by Oscar Mulero, Reeko, Exium and Christian Wunsch and welcoming new members during the five years of existence, like Kwartz, Jonas Kopp, Lewis Fautzi, Tripeo and Pfirter. PoleGroup stands for techno in its purest way.

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Oscar Mulero

Pole Group / Warm Up  – (ES)

Oscar Mulero’s DJ career has been as prolific and long lasting as the evolution of dance music. As a key figure in its development, Oscar has always absorbed new trends and kept his finger on the pulse of electronic dance music, from the end of the 80’s right up to the present day. It is impossible to understand his genius without taking into account the tireless work he has carried out behind the decks for over two decades. Production-wise he’s been releasing records since the late nineties, with countless 12″ vinyls and several studio albums, as well as many remixes for the best players in the scene. 

He runs his very own Warm Up imprint since 2000 and the Pole Group Records label since 2004. From 2013 he started working in live A/V performances under several project names like Light and Dark or Biolive. 2017 celebrates the 50th releases milestone for his Warm Up Recordings, compiling the previously released stuff on the Pattern Series  with brand new remixes. 2018 will start with the next album in the pipeline, this time totally experimental, no dance numbers no upbeats, title will be ‘Perfect Peace’, that sums it all. On the live performance side, he is about to bring to stage his new Monochrome live AV set comprising music from his previous experimental releases and material from the forthcoming album all spiced with visual stuff by Javier Bejarano and Natalia Soares.

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Lewis Fautzi

Figure / Soma / PoleGroup – (PT)

The gleam of cosmic light reflects on polished surfaces, which sometimes trace long smooth curves, other times end in edges, outlining a powerful machine piercing a path between the gravitational pull of a black hole, and the attraction of the brightness of a newly-born  star. If Lewis Fautzi´s sound could be materialized, it would look something like this.


And you draw a similar parallel to his career so far. Lewis Fautzi has a meteoric ascension in the world techno scene, like a projectile fired into space at the speed of light: in 2013, the same year as his 1st noteworthy edition in his birth country, Portugal (and from the start establishing the norm of always releasing on well-respected labels, Soniculture in this case), Fautzi started a lineage of releases on a classic label in techno´s history, Slam´s Some Quality. A year later, in 2014, it was time for his 1st album, an artistic step many in techno fear to take, “The Gare Album” (named after the club in Porto which has served as his creative impulse and launch platform for his career), on Soma as well.


By 2015, Lewis has in his log, 2 EP´s on Len Faki´s Figure, 2 works on Oscar Mulero´s Pole Group (an EP of originals remixed by Exium and Kwartz and a track on the Unknown Landscapes Vol.2 comp), with an added one on Warm-Up (Mulero taking care of 2 remixes), a collab with Pär Grindvik on his “baby” Faut Section, the same label where we get an Oscar Mulero EP with 2 Lewis Fautzi remixes. Crucially, he put out a 2nd album on Soma, “Space Exploration”, a conceptual work, as personal as it feels alien, where he displays his unsatiable thirst for musical knowledge and exploration, by broadening his horizons towards more ambient and experimental sound forms. He´s also provided interstellar tourism experiences, both as a DJ or as a live-act, at dancefloors like Tresor, Gare Porto, Lux Frágil and the “final frontier”, Berghain, amongst many other notable spaces.


All these facts almost lead us to forget that Luís Gonçalves (his actual name), from the small town of Barcelos, is still in his early twenties. It makes you ask “where did all this world of music come from?”. Most likely it´s due to Luís breathing, living, techno. Not just producing it himself but also studying and absorbing the form in all it´s perspectives, taking hold of an arsenal of ideas and notions synthesized into a sound that while adhering to the fundamentals, ends up as very much his own, appealing to technoheads of various outlooks. Yes, there´s the Mills-ian cosmic tones, the subterranean echoes of Berlin, the impact of the british industrialists and the peculiar groove of the Spanish scene, but it all has a definitive  Lewis Fautzi  stamp.


No matter how many years a techno producer has been at it, he knows he´s doing something very right when, still early in his career, the “alien” Jeff Mills plays multiple productions of his in a single set. It´s the definitive seal of approval for what you are creating. But doesn´t seem at all fazed by the responsibility. The growing amplitude of his vision and maturity of his output, and the recognition of his peers, prove that. Lewis Fautzi´s explorations have just begun. Where will he take us next?


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Pole Group / Soma

With a musical career spanning over twenty years and more than one hundred releases, Héctor Sandoval (one half of Exium) is deep into a new project. Tensal is both his stage name and the label that will accommodate most of this new work, which focuses on a brand of techno that is more modern and cyclic, and based on classic synth lines. Two different visions of underground techno merging into one project whose first releases have been backed by some of the most renowned underground techno DJs of the world. His DJ sets explore all facets of techno by alternating different textures and intensities that draw mainly from his own materials. A journey through current techno that will certainly get your attention.

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