Sensual Records Showcase

Michael Melchner, Benjamin Stager

7 April . LX Factory

Sensual’s catalog to date should give some indication of how interconnected Frankfurt’s current batch of record label proprietors are, as it includes releases from Traffic’s Patrick Klein, GOSU’s Phil Evans and Pager’s Markus Sommer. However, it has also reached beyond the borders of city and country to welcome the likes of Slovenian minimalist Vid Vai and French house darling Malin Genie to its ranks. The label’s A&R displays a taste for crisp drum programming and alert but meditative depth.

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Michael Melchner

Sensual Records / Ministerium Records (GE)

If there´s one thing almost any DJ will tell you is crucial for the development of their craft and career, it´s the possibility of holding a residency at a club. Especially if you get it early on in your journey sharing music with dancefloors. Being in the game for 12 years now, Michael Melchner has spent at least 10 of those establishing his foundations as a DJ and constantly building on them as a resident at the Rakete Club in his home town of Nürnberg, where he was born in the mid-80s. Becoming ever more accomplished and knowledgeable in the tricks and secrets of that most fundamental thing in DJing, telling a story and leading a crowd on a trip, he built a following of clubbers there, who would hit the club especially to see him. The decisive jump in his career would come in tandem with his production talent, in 2009 when Matthias Tanzmann and Daniel Stefanik landed a few of his tracks for his Cargo Edition label, and things grew exponentially from there, always organically. At this point, besides Cargo Edition and it´s bigger sister Moon Harbour, you´ll find originals and remixes from Melchner in respected imprints like Oslo, Sensual, Raum Musik, Eklo and Lomidigh Organic.



His consistent and reassured DJing style has also landed him gigs in notable spots as the Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson and Club Der Visionäre clubs in Germany, the ToiToi parties in London or Womb in Tokyo. In 2013 he added a 2nd residency to his roster, at Funky People in Dora Brilliant/Frankfurt a.M. So, what’s Michael Melchner’s magic sauce? It certainly helps that he is a self-confessed record nerd. He´s been collecting them since a teen and that helped him develop a very unique vision that while always leaning to the minimalistic side of house and techno, sets him apart by complementing it with considerable baggage in the more classic pillars of both styles and everything around that. Melchner fully intends to stay that way, and there´s a lot to be said about a DJ who sticks to his guns. For Michael Melchner, as he says himself, form follows function and his function is to make you dance. And you can bet he gets the results everytime.

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Benjamin Stager

Sensual Records (GE)

Born and raised in Frankfurt, Benjamin started organizing his own events back in 2009. Following the big success of the parties, he introduced his own record label Sensual a few years later in 2013. Since then Benjamin has been running regular label nights at the infamous Robert Johnson in Offenbach. His latest project is an intimate distribution called Oval Distribution, which provides record Shops around the globe with fresh vinyl.

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