Slow Life Showcase

S.Moreira live, Laurine, DJ Tree

7 April . LX Factory

Born and raised in Berlin, Slow Life is a multidisciplinary hispano-italian project built on a commitment which is beyond fashion: vinyl as weapon of mass dissemination of their musical works. Their style, mainly influenced by the Detroit sounds and Afro rhythms, is in constant mutation, led by expert percussionist Sergio Moreira, and the rest of the group of insatiable diggers, whose extensive knowledge of music makes them respect the past, but with a foot and a half in the sound of the future, that they are developing from the present. A sound that they exploit in their own showcases, performed around Berlin and other countries, and also where they are called to defend their speech: quality music, generically open, but committed to experimentation, and of course, deepness. Either djing or through live shows, the sound of Slow Life is a reality within the European House/Techno scene, and also the way in which these artists tell the world that there should always be room to develop their passions.

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S.Moreira live

Slow Life – (ES)

Sergio Moreira is the man behind Slow Life Records. That type of guy who spends all his life surrounded by machines establishing a dialogue with them, in order to squeeze out every single breath they could make. Yet before he became a “lab rat” he had already entered into an intense relationship with all things percussion. You can hear that previous love in all of his productions. The Slow Life concept has become an analog militia, under the command of a man who takes every kick and drum as a matter of state. Either 4×4 or Broken Beats, the rhythm section is truly important in every record Slow Life has deliver.
Yet Sergio Moreira, born in Spain and based in Berlin, is also a commander who doesn’t require the accolades or be in the center of the picture, this role belongs purely to the music. With only a few records released out there, but with plans for many more to come, Slow Life established itself as a massive breath of fresh air to deep house and techno scene.


Together with Djs, Cecilio, Laurine and Dj Tree, the collective focus their time on digging out old and new sounds that define their sound movement with Sergio focused on developing the Live show element for Slow Life that won´t take any  prisoners. His live shows have already annointed him as the “man to watch” for the next years. His sound likes to live in between genres, even with Slow Life being usually cataloged as a Deep House label. His music flirts with Techno, Dub, Broken Beats and Jazz, rejecting any specific attachment to any sub genre or hype, allowing the music speak for itself. To know the man behind a Slow Life record is to know the sound that is S.Moreira and only throuh a live show can his mission be truly experienced.

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Slow Life – (IT)

Laurine’s roots for her love of house music go very deep, stretching back to her youth which was stirred by a strong fascination with US House and Techno music, which at the time had invaded the European club scene, bringing in a new underground subculture and at the same time exposing Laurine to the possibilities of a life as a DJ, through the discovery of emotion and energy being transmitted between the DJ, the records and the dance floor. Armed with an old mixer given by a friend and two turntables, Laurine became a regular at her two local records stores, this is before laptops and internet at home, but this is how music should be experienced, relying only on her ears and her instincts while she began collecting her first records. This thirst for recreating that vibe she often had experienced on the other side of the booth would become the catalyst to begin Dj’ing after she decided to leave her hometown in Italy for the warm city lights of Barcelona.


Leaving the politics behind she was able to find a new freedom in the Catalan capital, working the circuit as a warm up DJ and learning the all valuable lesson of how to build a party from the beginning, thus creating the way for the next artist who arrives to a ready and wanting audience. Armed with this new knowledge she moved over to London where a meeting with DJ Tree firmly engrossed her into the culture of vinyl crate digging, seeking new in the old or finding a rare. This missing link completed that full DJ experience and philosophy she had sought since discovering it the first time on the dancefloor.


The next big change and perhaps the most significant was made in Berlin, where a chance meetings with fellow artists Cecilio and S.Moreira brought about the first ideas and discussions for forming a collective group based around a strong musical vibe with a quality sound and energy. The proof was ever made present when together they hosted a Slow Life showcase at the infamous Club de Visionaere to great success, the potential was realized and Slow Life became the vehicle behind their concept. In a world of musical superficiality and set trends with over hyped hysteria, it is hard to find real and authentic music behind honest and true artists. Yet there are exceptions to the rule and Laurine is proof of this, it can be heard in her music and from her records she so dutifully covets and endlessly seeks. She is leading a little revolution that is fighting the gross digitalization of music and steering people back to the right path of a truer sound.

DJ Tree

Slow Life – (IT)

The purest form of a DJ you will not find standing behind a tall glamorous stage at some concert hall, hands raised to the lights like some grandiose tele evangelist, no not like this, if you look good and hard enough, you will find one hunched over a record crate in some off street second hand record store, or at some alternative arts fare, digging, digging, “diggin” franticly for that elusive and rare gem just to turn the dance floor over on its head. Now you are in the right place, and this is where you will find Neapolitan Francesco Ferrara aka DJ Tree, most days of the week.


DJ Tree’s humble beginnings as a “digger” began in the soulful section of Hip Hop, inspired from the music first heard on cassette tapes recoded live from the very famous AOL parties being held in Naples. His desire and fierce curiosity for music as a whole led him to shift his focus to the Balearic island of Ibiza, where here his palette expander further into the realms of Techno and House music at places such as DC10, with the island’s special energy, he was able to completely devote himself to this lifestyle and seriously explore the reality of making this his life.


Tree’s journey and exploration into his music took him to new shores as he tripped across Europe to the best festivals and clubs it had to offer, eventually stopping in London for a long spell, settling into the vibrant underground scene there and playing in the local bars and clubs sporadicly.
London provided for Tree the vital source for any pure DJ, a plethora of spaces, shops and markets selling vinyl records, both new and old, the main ingredients to develop an artist’s sound and a good source for experimentation. It was also in the English capital that Tree met DJ fellow digger, Laurine. Together they shared a natural bond for vinyl crate diggin and for really good, timeless music, this connection would continue and be catalyst for the Slow Life concept later on.


It is now in Berlin where DJ Tree has firmly set a base for himself and his musical agenda. He is a founding member of the collective group know as Slow Life, consisting of fellow artists Laurine, Cecilio and Sergio Moreira. Part event, part label, part lifestyle, Slow Life is an embodiment of musical devotion to the art of wax, and this can be heard very clearly in the DJ sets by DJ Tree and his collective associates – knowledge through expression, this is the ethos for Tree, the venerable explorer endlessly researching records in order to connect with the masses on a higher and deeper level, through a dialogue of pulsating frequencies coming from the monitor speakers.

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