What Makes The Perfect 6x9 Speaker

What Makes The Perfect 6×9 Speaker?

If you want to upgrade your car audio system speakers for high-quality sound and punchy bass, then the 6×9 speaker is a perfect choice.

Most car owners love these speakers because they’re quite easy and cheap to install, and don’t mess up with your entire audio system. Plus, they perform well in mid-range while delivering a decent bass.

However, there are multiple 6×9 speakers on the market today which makes it a bit challenging to decide on the right one for your car.

But knowing what to look for when shopping for these speakers will help you easily choose the ideal speaker that gives you value for money.

What To Look for In The 6×9 Speaker?


The FIRST (and most important) thing you need to do when selecting the perfect 6×9 speaker involves determining what type you want.

Most folks might not know this, but the 6×9 speakers come in different types, depending on their configuration.

The three most common configurations include:

  • Single 6×9 speaker: speakers in this category are usually mid-range woofers with an embedded bass system. These speakers produce high-level frequencies, making them ideal for car owners who want to get a fuller listening experience.
  • Two-way 6×9 speaker: these are 2-in-1 speakers, with an extra tweeter situated at the front of a large speaker cone to help deliver high-pitch frequencies. These speakers come with a compact design, so they can easily fit in most vehicles.
  • Three-way 6×9 speaker: these are 3-in-1 speakers, constituting one main 6×9 speakers and tow tweeters of different sizes. the tweezers produce ultra-high frequencies. if you want clear and detailed sound in your car, go for these speakers.

Once you decide on what speaker configuration to get, the rest of the process becomes easier.

Audio Volume Quality

Another crucial feature you need to keep in mind when comparing various 6×9 speakers is the audio volume quality.

Audio Volume Quality

You want to ensure you get a speaker with good audio volume quality to help you enjoy crystal clear sound without any interference from inside or outside your vehicle cabin.

The best 6×9 speakers should be able to produce high-quality audio compared to your factory-installed car speakers.

Frequency Response

The other important thing you need to look for in a 6×9 speaker is its frequency response.

Frequency response simply refers to the measurement of range and pitch of the lows and highs produced by a given speaker’s woofer and tweeters.

The response is obtained by measuring the width of the range of frequencies a given speaker can produce.

Sensitivity rating

You should also check the sensitivity rating of a speaker before buying it.

The sensitivity rating will help you determine how loud the audio produced is to help cancel the noise in and out of your vehicle cabin.

You’d want to look for a speaker with a sensitivity of over 87dB as this is considered a great option.

Power Consumption (RMS)

You should also pay attention to the power consumption of the 6×9 car speaker you wish to buy.

The power consumption or simply RMS is usually expressed in Watts. The higher the Watts, the more output power the speaker can handle. And the higher the volume level it can handle.

Power Consumption (RMS)

The RMS also shows the speaker’s ability to produce quality sound.

Keep in mind, though, that speakers with lower RMS value might not require you to hook them up with an external amplifier.

Speakers with higher RMS values will, in most cases, need an external amplifier.


For starters, impedance refers to the effective resistance of an electrical comment/circuit to the alternating current flow and is usually expressed in Ohms.

Most of the 6×9 speakers you’ll find on the market usually feature a 4ohms impedance…though you can also come across models with 2 or 3ohms.

The most important thing to ensure here is that the speaker you choose bears the same impedance rating with the head unit you wish to hook it up to. This will enable your system to work properly.

Also, keep in mind that the higher the impedance of the speakers, the more power they’ll require to deliver the same audio volume level.


Like any other types of car audio products, the manufacturers of 6×9 speakers are divided between those who produce high-quality products and those who produce cheaply designed products that are not as reliable.

with this in mind, it’s also worth paying attention to which brand you buy your speaker from.

Some of the best 6×9 speaker brands you can find on the market today include:

  • Boss Audio Systems: this is an American audio equipment manufacturer with its headquarters in Oxnard, Calif. It’s one of the leaders and top innovators in the production of video and audio products such as subwoofers, capacitors, tweeters, signal processors, and more. they boast of 400plus car, marine, and power sports products solve in over 130 countries.
  • Rockford Corporation: this is also an American-based manufacturer whose headquarters are situated in Tempe, Ariz, and is popular for their superior-quality audio products. It’s also worth noting that this company distributed audio produces under names such as Rockford Acoustic Design, Renegade, Helix, and Blaupunkt.
  • JBL incorporated: also a respected American brand, JBL takes pride in the production and distribution of top-quality loudspeakers. The manufacturer has two totally independent branches—the JBL Consumer and JBL Professional. The former produces audio equipment for domestic use while the latter produces professional equipment for studio use.


Durability should also be a priority when shopping for a 6×9 speaker.

You’ll want to ensure you choose a speaker that comes with solid construction.


Audiophiles agree that speakers built with sturdy but lightweight materials are the best. Such materials not only hold up pretty well in extreme, humidity and temperature conditions but also promote great frequency response and base.

Examples of such materials include polycarbonate, woven fabrics, mica, metal-coated synthetics, etc.

Be sure to inspect the materials used in the speaker construction to ensure you take home a speaker that not only performs well but also remains durable and lasts longer.


Coming up with a budget for the car speaker will also help bring you closer to the perfect speaker for your car audio system.

so, how much do you wish to spend on a 6×9 speaker?

We did some research on the pricing of these speakers and noted that they can be categorized into two wide groups depending on their cost.

The first group goes to all speakers costing less than $50. Models in this category will offer you basic functionality and tend to have limited frequencies. If you’re on a tight budget, this is where you’ll get the affordability and decent performance.

For around $50 to $100, you can get a high-quality 6×9 speaker for your car audio system. Models in this price range usually come with a greater build quality, high-quality sound, and plenty of cool features. You can easily get a 2-way or 3-way speaker in this price range.

If you spend anything above $100, then be sure to get the BEST quality speaker, with the ability to produce a variety of frequencies, multiple functionalities, best-quality material, and superior sound quality.

The Bottom Line

Knowing exactly what to look for in 6×9 speakers will help you choose the best options available at the market for better listening experience in your vehicle. Make sure you pay attention to all the factors we have outlined in this in-depth buying guide to ensure you get a speaker that offers excellent performance, lasts longer, and offer you value for money.