What To Look For Before Buying a Motorcycle Speaker

What To Look For Before Buying a Motorcycle Speaker?

Long trips on your motorcycle can become boring if the only sound renting the air is your motorcycle engine noise.

But you can change this situation and make your trips more enjoyable by investing in high-quality motorcycle speakers. These will let you listen to your favorite songs everywhere you go with your bike—keeping you entertained as you explore the adventures.

That said, we have tailored this guide to show you what to look for to help you get the best speaker for quality sound to make your trips livelier and more memorable.

Things To Look For When Buying A Motorcycle Speaker

Type of Motorcycle Speaker

Type of Motorcycle Speaker

When you go shopping for a motorcycle speaker, you’ll be met with two main options, namely the handle motorcycle speaker and helmet motorcycle speaker.

  • Handlebar motorcycle speaker: as its name suggests, this type of speaker is designed to be mounted on your motorcycle handlebars. These models usually come with their own mounts to ensure easy installation. The mounts are also adjustable to let you point them in your desired direction. Most of these speakers also come with an amp to help deliver excellent sound quality.
  • Helmet motorcycle speaker: these are a modern type of speakers that are designed of installing in your motorcycle helmet. They let you listen to your favorite tracks wirelessly (via Bluetooth connectivity). What’s more, they make it possible to make hands-free calls, receiver GPS instructions and even communicate with your fellow riders via intercom technology.

Which type of speaker to go with largely depend on your preferred comfort and safety level when riding your motorcycle.

While the handlebar speaker is loud and offers a wider range of functions, the helmet speaker is easy to use and offers you hands-free communication.

Sound Quality

You should also pay attention to the sound quality produced by the speaker you plan to buy. You want something that produces crystal-clear audio so that you can enjoy listening to your favorite audio tracks along the way.

So, how do you get to know the sound quality of a motorcycle speaker?

It’s easy!

You don’t need to be a sound professional to figure out which speaker delivers great audio quality.

Sound Quality

First, you need to check the speaker’s frequency response; for the best performance, make sure you get a speaker whose response ranges from 30Hz to 4kHz. Anything less than this will deliver a not so good performance.

The speaker’s sensitivity also contributes to the overall sound quality. If you want a clear sound, you should go for a speaker with sensitivity 75 and 100 decibels.

Lastly, check the speaker’s wattage of RMS power (as explained below).

Wattage (RMS Power)

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a motorcycle speaker is its wattage or RMS power.

What’s the RMS power though? Good question…this is an indication of the maximum volume a given speaker can deliver when at its peak level. This means that speakers with higher wattage come with louder volume.

Wattage (RMS Power)

If you usually do your rides in places where you want to avoid making noise as much as possible, say in your neighborhood, then you should go for low wattage speakers.

For long trips off-country, where you can get loud as you want without attracting any problems, you can get the highest wattage speaker available.

Input sources

As you’re already aware, the speaker you buy will not play music on its own. You’ll need to feed it the same to get it into action.

some models come with a head unit that offers you multiple input options.

A good number of the speakers come with an amplifier that lets you input your tracks via AUX, Bluetooth connectivity, SD card play, and flash drive.

Our advice? Go for a speaker that has diverse input options to help you play music from as many sources as possible.

Ease of Installation

Judging from various motorcyclists’ comments on various speakers, it’s easy to understand that some speakers are more challenging to install than others.

For this reason, we also highly advise you to pay attention to the flexibility of the mounts you get for your new speakers as well as the size of your bike handlebars.

Look for mounts that let you easily change the direction of your speakers. A motorcycle handlebar usually measures 0.75 to 1.5 inches, so keep these measurements in mind to ensure you find compatible mounts.

A speaker that comes with extra such as clamps, straps, carabiners, screws, etc., tends to make the installation even easier.

Build Quality

The construction quality can widely vary as you move from one motorcycle speaker to another.

keeping in mind that your speaker will undergo all forms of beating, including the shaking and vibration of your motorcycle, weather elements, etc., you’d want to ensure you choose a model that’s designed to stand up to these hardships and last for a longer period of time.

A speaker with a high-quality shell with stainless steel or aluminum can go for years without breaking down.

As for the speaker interior and surround, you should ensure they’re made with lightweight and stiff materials that further enhance durability while improving the speaker sound production. These materials include polycarbonate, rubber, and polyurethane.

Waterproof Construction

The last thing you want is spending your hard-earned money on high-end motorcycle speakers and then getting caught up in rainy weather that makes them dead for good.

Fortunately, nearly all motorcycle speaker manufacturers design their speakers to be waterproof. but we still urge you to confirm that the product you’re buying is indeed waterproof. This will ensure it will still remain functional if you get exposed to snow, ice, or rainy weather.

The ideal speaker should also come with a durable finish that keeps off other weather elements than can affect its functionality.

The Bottom Line

Cruising your motorcycle for longer distances with your favorite music playing from your bike audio system will make your trips more entertaining and memorable.

For the best listening experience, you should take your time to choose the perfect speakers that produce quality sound, withstand various weather elements, and lasts long.

Having outlined the crucial factors that make or break a motorcycle speaker in this guide, we have no doubt that you’ll have an easy time choosing the perfect speaker for your motorbike from the many options out there.