Assemble Music Showcase

May 13th, 02h00 – 06h00

Assemble Music is a Portuguese vinyl-only label that brings together some of the world’s most respected DJs and producers to form something greater than the sum of their individual parts. Founded in Lisbon in 2011 and with a family that extends to Berlin, Toronto, Tokyo and beyond, Assemble seeks to share the fruits of this network with listeners and dancers globally, through its releases, podcasts and regular artist showcases (the Assembling parties). Early members include Daze Maxim, St Joseph, Vera, Ricardo Villalobos, Baby Ford, Edward and Wolfgang Voigt, while the last year has seen releases from a who’s who of fine, deep and minimal house music for those in the know, including STL, Altitude, Hakim Murphy, Activ-Analog, Mike Shannon, Norken and Dan Andrei.

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Diogo Lacerda & Joe Delon

02h00 – 03h30


Diogo Lacerda is an artist who looks for the music of yesteryear with love and respect displaying it in the present and future. Joe Delon has a love of house, techno, electro and disco from around the world and enjoys putting these sounds together for people who want to dance, wherever they are from and wherever they are going.

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Steevio Live

03h30 – 04h30


Steevio (Mindtours) has been involved in electronic music since he managed the UK’s first electro club The Sidewalk in 1982. It was the beginning of a love affair with machines that has only grown stronger with the passing years. His early electro experiments were surpassed throughout the 90’s when he became a live techno artist at clubs and free parties in the UK and managed several successful labels.

Always remaining stoutly underground, with the focused intention of producing original live electronic music on hardware, in 2005 he returned to his former interest in organising events and created the first Freerotation Festival with Suzybee in Wales.

Steevio will perform live for Assemble Music’s showcase on May 13th at Lisboa Electronica – Musiculture.


Joao Maria

04h30 – 06h00


Some DJs are happy to fit into whatever boxes fans, critics or the scene itself, feels appropriate to place them in. Others create their own boxes and carve out their own particular space. Joao Maria is definitely an example of the latter, in the Portuguese scene. Already 18 years in the game, as a DJ, label and record store founder, Joao Maria made his name a respected one, by setting an example through leading instead of just following, trusting his musical vision and cherishing his independence. The results speak for themselves and prove him right.


Don’t miss Joao Maria’s perfomance at Assemble Music’s showcase on May 13th at Lisboa Electronica – Musiculture.

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