Discobar Showcase

May 12th, 00h30 – 02h00

Discobar is a new record label founded by French artists Guillaume Taillieu and Lamache. Having been friends for many years and part of a growing music culture in both Paris, London & Berlin, their work aims to synergize elements and artists of both energetic cities to create an exciting new record label, which expresses this and contributes towards a growing community of like-minded music lovers.

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00h30 – 02h00


Originally from Toulouse, Lamache’s career started at a young age. Inspired by artists who, back then, and still today keep the underground electronic music scene thriving, he has quickly progressed amongst the ranks, proving himself as a talented and versatile DJ. At first he moved to Paris to study electronic music culture and sound engineering, the exposure to a wealth of new and unique sounds and environments led him to make the natural migration to London, the melting pot of music, artists and culture.