Extended Records Showcase

May 13th, 00h00 – 03h00

Extended Records is a label from Portugal which mainly focuses on new Portuguese talents. It started in 2011 and has since released 20 EPs, two of them compilations sold in CD format. In the last 5 years the label has expanded, but the goal remains the same: find space and primetime for new talents in Portugal.

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Lieben live

00h00 – 01h00


Lieben is Sebastian Pinto’s alter ego. In 2011 he founded Extended Records with Gonçalo Neto (Terzi) and João Frederico (Smuggla). As time passed he progressively put records aside and started to manage the label, increasingly focusing on producing his own tracks.

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Sabre live

01h00 – 02h00


Sabre is a duo formed by Bruno Silva and Carlos Nascimento in sidereal rotation through House and Techno, conducted by the psych vision of the kösmiche and some spiritual Free Jazz.

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02h00 – 03h00


Terzi started to play in 2010, strictly as an amateur. The will to discover new music and show it to a crowd made him step towards a more serious approach. The co-founder of Extended Records expresses himself with dancefloor lingo, mainly focusing on electronic music.

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