0 Helena 0 Showcase

May 13th, 20h00 – 23h00

0 Helena 0 is a record label launched in 2015 and run by Gonçalo. The label is based in Porto, Portugal. Releases are presented with unique black and white artwork made of street pictures taken by Gonçalo himself. Textures, noise, old materials found on the street and all things connected to the analogic world. The idea is mixing different types of electronic music with old Detroit sound influences. Now counting 3 releases, from Hinode, Ephemeral and Aleks, Helena just announced its 4th release, with Module Werk.

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20h00 – 21h30


Gonçalo is the head behind the 808 project, based in Porto, a promoter and label manager. He points out Juan Atkins, Daniel Bell, Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Dj Harvey as his references, and seeks inspiration in cities that marked dance music, such as Chicago, Detroit, New York and London. The music is mostly House oriented but bridges with Techno at its deepest. The research work is what most stands out in the 808 project, allowing for its enormous versatility. The advantage, with all the work of digging and collecting, is that we can encompass many strands within the specters House and Techno.

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21h30 – 23h00


The multifaceted Dutch producer is known for being focused on intertwining meditative landscapes with delicately shuffling drum tracks. Offering simplicity in structure his tracks exhibit a concise yet detail-oriented approach.