Paraíso Showcase

May 12th, 02h00 – 06h00

Paraíso takes the form of a radio program and label to celebrate the music they once called “underground House music from a paradise called Portugal”. A tribute to Portuguese raves, which started in the 90’s and are still going to this day. From legendary label Kaos and historic club Alcântara-Mar to contemporary producers influenced by the original spirit, the whole continuum feeds inspiration to the label.

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02h00 – 04h00


Silvestre got his first release on the Japanese label Diskotopia with his “Frank Pike Ep”, ji which also works with artists like Rabit, Visionist or SeekersInternacional. This Ep got him the nod from different artists and magazines, including Fact Magazine, which called him a ‘Techno Innovator’.


José Acid b2b DJ Zé Mig-L

04h00 – 06h00


José Acid is an emerging DJ, producer and owner of two vinyl labels. His live sets are a hypnotic blend of Acid House, Detroit Electro and early Trance, and he has showcased in several clubs and festivals around Portugal, Spain and Germany.
On the other side is DJ Ze MigL, first and foremost a DJ, secondly a producer, he creates crazy, funky and sometimes brutal Techno mayhem. He’s been the most internationally known Portuguese Techno producer in the last 20 years, and one of Portugal’s Techno originators, whose underground activities have been recognized across the globe.

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