Principe Discos Showcase

May 12th, 23h00 – 02h00

Founded in 2011, Príncipe is a Portuguese label entirely dedicated to editing 100% real contemporary dance music, produced in Lisbon and its ghettos. Príncipe’s music relies on new sounds, shapes and structures with their own code of poetics and cultural identity.

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DJ Marfox

23h00 – 00h30


DJ Marfox is a real urban and ghetto legend. Over the last few years he´s been playing the international electronic music club and festival circuit on a regular basis, with particular focus on the European continent, but also reaching cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai.


DJ Niggafox

00h30 – 02h00


Dj Niggafox is from Angola but has been living in Lisbon since his childhood. With his name Referenced in many top-of-the-year ranks, he´s someone to take into account from now on, with an established name in clubs and festivals all over Europe.

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