Tresor Showcase

May 12th, 20h00 – 01h00

When Tresor opened on March 13th 1991, in a shack on Potsdamer Platz, with the vault of the Wertheim department store laying bellow, no one would have thought an institution would arise to celebrate 25 years of existence.. The venue had only been licensed as an art gallery and received a short-term three months lease. Needless to say, in early days, they expected the authorities to close the venue down. Instead, the club became the formative stylistic starting point of a worldwide music and youth movement. The Tresor cellar, its dance floor pressed between bank safes, with unique sound and dense fog, became a symbol of the successful reunification of the youth of two formerly separated German states, who danced and celebrated here together from the club’s inception. DJs and artists from Detroit were the main inspiration for the sound of the vault – the now famous Berlin-Detroit connection resulted in a very special friendship between the two cities. As a club and record label, Tresor had already become a worldwide magnet and great advertisement for the city of Berlin.

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Daniel Bell

20h00 – 22h00


Daniel Bell is one of the few old-school legends of Detroit, still at the forefront of electronic music today. Originally influenced by Chicago House and avant-garde composers such as Steve Reich, Bell’s music laid the foundation for what is now known as the “minimalist” approach in House and Techno music. After moving to Detroit in 1990, Accelerate Records was created as an outlet for Bell’s music. Recording under the name DBX, the 1994 single “Losing Control” was described by AllMusic as “one of the biggest underground smashes of the decade.” The hypnotically stark compositions released on Accelerate proved to be influential and sent his contemporaries (and copycats) off in a new “less-is-profoundly-more” direction.

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Mike Huckaby

22h00 – 00h00


Tastemaker, educator, sound designer, and Motor City proponent, Mike Huckaby has done much for Detroit electronic music. The man behind the once legendary Record Time store has an encyclopedic knowledge of music. He is one of those guys who´s savvy about the roots and culture of electronic dance music. Seeing beyond the hype and divisions within the scene, Mike knows exactly what the music is. He’s been the busiest remixer from Detroit in the past few years, producing music on his 2 labels: Deep Transportation and S Y N T H; which are well known amongst underground DJs worldwide.

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Sleeparchive & Substance

00h00 – 01h00


TR-101 is the collaborative live project with DJ Pete and Sleeparchive. Peter Kuschnereit is recognized as one of Berlin’s longest-serving Techno figureheads, through his work behind the counter at Hard Wax, in the studio as Substance and one half of Scion. Meanwhile, Roger Semsroth has been dabbling in the deepest recesses of minimal Techno as Sleeparchive since 2004, releasing a string of low-key 12-inches through his eponymous imprint, and most recently appearing on Tresor with Ronan Point in the middle of 2011.

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