• What To Look For Before Buying a Motorcycle Speaker

    What To Look For Before Buying a Motorcycle Speaker?

    Long trips on your motorcycle can become boring if the only sound renting the air is your motorcycle engine noise. But you can change this situation and make your trips more enjoyable by investing in high-quality motorcycle speakers. These will let you listen to your favorite songs everywhere you go with your bike—keeping you entertained as you explore the adventures. That said, we have tailored this guide to show you what to look for to help you get the best speaker for quality sound to make your trips livelier and more memorable. Things To Look For When Buying A Motorcycle Speaker Type of Motorcycle Speaker When you go shopping for…

  • What Makes The Perfect 6x9 Speaker

    What Makes The Perfect 6×9 Speaker?

    If you want to upgrade your car audio system speakers for high-quality sound and punchy bass, then the 6×9 speaker is a perfect choice. Most car owners love these speakers because they’re quite easy and cheap to install, and don’t mess up with your entire audio system. Plus, they perform well in mid-range while delivering a decent bass. However, there are multiple 6×9 speakers on the market today which makes it a bit challenging to decide on the right one for your car. But knowing what to look for when shopping for these speakers will help you easily choose the ideal speaker that gives you value for money. What To…

  • LEXIN LX-S3 Review

    LEXIN LX-S3 Review: What Makes It a Good Choice?

    If you’re looking for a Bluetooth enabled motorcycle speaker at a fair price, then the LEXIN LX-S3 will definitely draw your attention. But then again, you might feel all skeptical about whether this speaker will meet your audio needs and give you an enjoyable listening experience when you take your cruiser or ATV for a long trip off country. In this Lexin LX-S3 review, we’ll get deep into the performance of this motorcycle speaker, the good and the bad, etc., to help you decide if it’s a worthy investment. Key features and benefits: Super-easy to install One of the biggest benefits of using this speaker system is that you don’t…